Photograph of a woman on her mobile phone
A young man reading a book on the beach
March 15, 2017

Beach Reads

“I just want to shut the world off, and lie in the sun with a good book” – Everyone, in February   The operative word is “good.” Because who wants to go through all the…

Girl wearing headphones with boyfriend
February 13, 2017

Love Music

Valentine’s Day at Manulife Centre. You’d probably think of flowers from Bloorstreet Market, a card from More Than Words…, maybe dinner at the The One Eighty? You’d probably never think of speakers from Bay Bloor…

Two friends at the movies eating popcorn
January 9, 2017

The Best Cure for January Blahs

When all we want to do is forget about how dark and gloomy and awful it is outside, we go to the movies. Think about it: comfortable chair, popcorn, maybe some chocolate and a few…

Mother and daughter watching a movie at home
July 20, 2016

Movie time with the kiddies

A good kids’ movie should transcend age. It should have grandparents laughing alongside their grandchildren. It should spark imagination. It should leave an impact that lasts beyond the 90-minute run-time. And it should teach us…

Man and woman at the cinema
June 21, 2016

Summer at the Cinema

We walked by The Varsity the other day and saw that they were gearing up for summer blockbuster season. It’s a funny time of year for the movie business. On the one hand, you have…