Brunching at Bloor & Better

Sunday Brunch.

You hear (or read) those words and you’re immediately in a better mood. Sunday Brunch is relaxed and intimate. It’s focused time with people you love. And it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate before noon.

Sunday Brunch was invented in 1895 by Englishman Guy Beringer as a way to handle hangovers. He saw it as an opportunity for people to shake out the cobwebs and calm their bellies over light snacks while sharing stories of the night before.

“Brunch is cheerful, sociable and talk-compelling,” Beringer wrote. “It makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings.”

Toronto’s Best Brunch

Bloor Street Diner has been hosting a Sunday Brunch for decades, and have really perfected the art.

Walk in and you’re greeted by a three-piece Jazz band to put a little snap in your step. You’re then taken to your table and started off with complimentary bottomless coffee, tea or juice. Once you’re sorted, it’s off to the buffet for a walk around, which we recommend because there’s a lot to choose from and you’ll want to be strategic. The worst thing would be to fill up on bacon, omelettes and sausages before you had a chance to try the spicy Thai salmon or one of the fresh salads.

But the pièce de résistance has to be the sweets table, highlighted by a chocolate fountain flanked with marshmallows. You’ll no doubt be drawn to it right off the bat, but do your best to resist the richness. Like Guy Beringer said, brunch is about working your way up, not starting at the top.

Reservations Recommended

Bloor Street Diner has retained its popularity in spite of the many brunch spots that have popped up. The menu’s a big reason, but so is the ambiance. It’s like the restaurant was designed for lazy Sunday mornings.

Come down to the corner of Bloor & Better and experience it for yourself. Call 416-928-3105 or email to book a table. Brunch is served from 11:00am to 4:00pm.