Happy Birthday card

#BloorAndBetter Birthdays

When it comes to birthday gifts, is it better to give or receive?

We’d argue that giving wins every time because of the double-shot of dopamine you get: once from the person’s elated face when they see what you got them, and again because of the winning feeling you get when you see that beaming smile.

Manulife Centre is full of perfect birthday gifts. There’s Birks for a bit of sparkle, Bonny Satchels n’ Duffles for a surprise vacation (they’ll think it’s just a suitcase until they open it and find the tickets) and the LCBO for that Vintage bottle of something special.

We’re also full of birthday cards for every kind of birthday boy or girl. Here are some tips to help you match the card to the personality:


The Comedian

Have a friend who’s always making you laugh? Choose a bold, brash card that returns the favour. At More Than Words… you’ll LOL your way through a slew of inappropriate jokes about age, states of undress and edgy takes on real life.

They normally put their best on the shelves outside the front doors, but for the R-rated cards you’ll have to head inside. And while you’re there, check out the kitsch table to the right of the cash desk by the window for that little something to complete your gift idea.


The Traditionalist

This person remembers when the Rogers Centre was SkyDome, when stores were closed on Sundays and when coffee was coffee. The perfect card for them has a simple, familiar birthday message. You can find cards to celebrate a Happy 50th right up to a Happy 90th at PharmaPlus — conveniently located on the Concourse level right next to the LCBO.


The Romantic

Heartfelt bordering on sappy wins every time with these folks, and you’ll find all kinds of tear-jerkers at Indigo. Alternatively, you can pick up a blank card and write your own amorous sonnet. Need some inspiration? The poetry section’s on the lower level of the store.


The Adventurer
For these people, you have to go all out and create your own card because you know it’s what they’d do for you. The Printing House can help you design a one-of-a kind pop-up card or even a 3D selfie. Awesome!

Next time you find (or make) the perfect card at Manulife Centre, snap a pic and share it on our Instagram feed @ManulifeCentre. We’d love to see it!

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