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Choice Cuts at Bloor & Better

Located on the first level just inside the Balmuto Street entrance, Haartek has been styling and turning heads since 1987.

Owners Remo Bot and Cosimo Panetta attribute their success to the commitment they make to their people, especially their young talent. And they do everything they can to give them opportunities. This month, it’s through their participation in Beautylicious, where they’re offering great deals on new talent like a wash, cut and style for just $30.

Remo talks about success being “watching (his) staff’s success become greater than (his).” So rather than talk to the owners, we went to salon manager Lisa Graneri to talk about this fall’s hair trends.

The Long Bob

Or the lob if you’re into brevity, is definitely the hottest new look for fall, according to Lisa. It suits all face shapes and works with most hair textures. It’s also a great way to freshen up your ends as it gets colder and dryer, and it’s easy to style in the morning if you want to spend a few more minutes under the covers.

Girl with a long bob

Autumnal Colours

Balayage, or as Lisa calls it, Fall-ayage, is French for “to sweep” or “to paint,” and it’s the perfect way to bring the same warm, spicy tones that linger in the fall air to your hair. She and her team achieve the look by gradually and subtly lightening your hair from root to tip; and they can even tailor the colours to your skin tone. It’s a low-maintenance look that comes handy as winter hat season begins.

Balayage hairstyle


Despite Blue Jay hero Josh Donaldson’s style, Lisa says this look is done. We weren’t thrilled to hear that as we’ve seen some good ones around the neighbourhood over the past few years, but Lisa says the new look for men is all about shaved sides with some length on top. She also predicts the end of out-of-control beards. She doesn’t see facial hair disappearing, but she definitely sees neater and cleaner. That’s a trend we can 100% get behind.

Good to know

Haartek is a friend to the nearby University of Toronto and the many other educational institutions in the area (there are more than you’d think).  Present a valid post-secondary student ID card during the week and you can get 50% off all haircuts, 30% off all chemical services, 30% off all aesthetic services and 10% off all take-home care products.

Haartek is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays until 6:00pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 8:00pm and Saturdays until 4:00pm.

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