Red sports car on the road

Dads + Cars = : )

After a year off, the Yorkville Exotic Car Show is back for Father’s Day on June 19th — and really, is there a better way to walk off brunch with Dad than along an actual red carpet lined with magnificent cars? The answer is no, there isn’t.

And it doesn’t really matter whether or not your pop is into cars, because you don’t have to be a gearhead to appreciate these gorgeous machines shimmering in the sun.

You’ll get an up-close look at the latest from Acura, Ferrari, Lotus and Lamborghini — to name a few — as well as classic Porsches, Mustangs and Studebakers. And of course, you’ll see the history of the Corvette. We’re partial to the bulbous years from the 1970s.

We were there the last time this event ran back in 2014, and we had such a great time that we’re a Gold Sponsor this year. That means there’ll be two cars parked right by our doors. We’re hoping for Lambos, but if it winds up being a pair of BMWs, that would be fine too. Or the Batmobile. No really. It’s coming.

Thinking of checking it out? Remember that you’ll get two hours of free parking at Bay & Bloor with a $25 purchase at Manulife Centre. There’s the Bloor Street Diner brunch you could have. There’s Bay Bloor Radio where you can take your dad HiFi shopping (check out the new wireless headphones). There’s Indigo where you can get the big guy a few car mags to complete the experience. And especially for this event, there’ll be free snow cones from 1–4 pm here on the concourse level.

If your dad’s also a granddad, bring the little ones along! Because there’s nothing like the look on a kid’s face when he gets his first ever glimpse at a Testarosa.

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