People with luggage/suitcases at the airport.

Last-Minute March Break Getaways

We’ve noticed Bonny Satchels ’n’ Duffels is getting busier these days with folks stocking up on new luggage for March Break. We got to talking to a few of them and, as you’d expect, Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico were by far the most common destinations — and most of the trips were booked months ago.

That got us thinking about families without March Break plans who suddenly decide they want to get away. Beach holidays are likely out, given how expensive a last-minute trip to the tropics can be. But an urban escape could be just as great, especially if you pick the right spot.

We’ve come up with three fairly close cities ideal for an impromptu family vacation.

Quebec City, Quebec
Like traveling to France without the seven-hour flight, Old Quebec’s highlights include cobblestone streets, a gorgeous boardwalk along the St. Lawrence River, historic buildings like La Citadelle (a fortress staffed with captivating war re-enactors) and the Chateau Frontenac (one of Canada’s most iconic hotels), and of course, the sound of French.

And while you may think you’ve had good poutine in T.O., you’ll never look at cheese curds and gravy the same way after sampling Le Vrai McCoy.

Nashville, Tennessee
You don’t have to love country music to appreciate the Nashville sound: jazz, rock, bluegrass and soul blare from every little restaurant and honkey-tonk.

This is the sort of place that kick-starts a lifetime love affair with rhythm, rhyme and “down-home” cooking. Sure, you can get chicken and waffles or smoky barbeque in Toronto, but it’s not the same.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago in March may seem like a chilly proposition, but Chi-Town has some of the best indoor attractions in North America including the Field Museum of Natural History, home to the largest complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the world, and the Chicago Sports Museum (if your kids don’t know who Michael Jordan is, they should).

If you’re into urban planning, Chicago’s architecture is brilliant. Their use of the downtown waterfront has inspired other cities (Toronto included) to follow suit.

And speaking of Toronto, when you get back from wherever you wind up going, it’ll be spring!

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