Cineplex Varsity Cinemas

Movie time at Manulife Centre

For some time, it’s been fairly accepted that Varsity is Toronto’s best Cineplex Theatre. It was TIFF’s home for 20+ years until they built their own facility. It has four auditorium styles: the large and small grandstand, the classic wide and, of course, the licensed VIPs.

It’s also the only Cineplex movie theatre between the Entertainment District and Yorkdale, so for many people, it’s the only option, so it better be great.

And it’s even better now that the foyer and concession stands have been fully redone. It was fine before, maybe a bit dark (although, in fairness, it’s a movie theatre), but now it’s spectacular. It’s bright, spacious and thoroughly modern. We love it. Really.

And Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the perfect times to check it out because they’re the three times over the break that it wont be absolute madness here.

Christmas Eve is quiet, but Christmas Day is even quieter because many people don’t think the theatre is open (it most certainly is). As for Boxing Day, a two-hour shopping break to recharge is probably a good thing.

But really, it’s the best time to go because of the movies, and that’s never been truer than this year. Here’s what to expect on the big screen at Bloor and Better:

The Force Awakens — Dec 18th

We’ve only been waiting 32 years to find out what happens next. And if the trailers are any indication, totally worth it.

Sisters — Dec 18th

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are back at it. There should be a law saying these two have to do at least one movie a year together. Such chemistry.

Where To Invade Next — Dec 23rd

Remember Michael Moore? If not, you will after this one because he’s putting the U.S. on notice. Word is the Republicans are trying to ban it.

Joy — Dec 25th

Don’t know about you, but we have all the time in the world for Jennifer Lawrence. The experts say this is her most ambitious role yet.

Concussion — Dec 25th

If the NFL ever goes out of business because parents refuse to let their kids grow up to be football players, we’ll point to this movie as a contributor.

Whatever you wind up seeing, remember that the Varsity will validate your parking so bring your lot ticket with you.

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