Rediscover, refuel and rekindle at the Manulife Centre

The new year has arrived and while not much has changed in the outside world, Manulife Centre and its retailers invite you on a journey to revive all your senses – online and at-home. Whether you’re looking to rediscover your personal style, refuel with amazing eats or rekindle a beloved pastime, Manulife Centre has it all.

Rediscovery of Your Personal Style

If you’re looking to add a little something new, different or unexpected to your wardrobe, Petra Karthaus, Studio D and Ron White all offer modern, Euro-inspired and unique selections including footwear, accessories and of course attire.  And for a more trendy, contemporary feel, Over the Rainbow has you covered with brands like Canada Goose, Smash + Tess and Mackage.

When clothing or shoes isn’t on the list, consider adding a chic new wallet, briefcase or backpack from Bonny & De Catarina Sachels & Duffels or get some new sunnies or specs from Toronto Eye Care.

Work-from-home space in need of some razzle dazzle? Breathe new life into your humble abode with stylish decor and multi purpose furniture from Nirvana Home Collection or add a fresh, floral arrangement or scented candle from Pistil Flowers.

Refueling with Amazing Eats at Home

Whether you’re in the mood to try something new or just want to stick with the fan favs, Scaccia and Eataly’s group of restaurants are sure fire hits for mouth watering tastes of Italy, the best selection of vintage wines and much much more. Both open and available for takeout and delivery.

Staying in and DIY’ing your meal? Independent City Market and Eataly’s Marketplace are your one-stop shops for all things fresh, high quality and locally sourced. Add a little sparkle to your evening with specialty drink recipes and mixes from LCBO’s new flagship store conveniently located at the corner of Bloor & Balmuto Street.

Rekindling a Beloved Pastime or Recharge with a Little Self Care

As they always say, there’s no time like the present to learn something new or perhaps not-so-new. Indigo is the perfect place to delve deep into your next “How To”, Health and Wellness or biography read. 

Indulge in nourishing spa-like treatments without the appointment with a facial mask, coupled with a therapeutic body bath, then finish off with a lux brand fragrance from Shoppers Drug Mart located on the concourse level of the Manulife Centre. Convenient self care services in the comfort of your own home!

Find everything you need to get your new year off to the right start, right here at Manulife Centre!

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