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Summer is Here

There’s nothing like summer in the city! Luckily our retailers have everything you need, no matter what you’re getting up to this summer. Here are some of our favourite products in stores now, along with some inspiration for summer activities at Manulife Centre and around Toronto.

Morning on the Dock

There’s nothing like getting up early at the cottage in the summer and enjoying the tranquility of an Ontario lake. But first, coffee. Make yourself a steaming cup made from beans you picked up at Timothy’s and slip on a pair of comfortable, nautical-inspired slip-ons from Ron White Shoes before you walk down to the dock. With everything you need for a perfect morning, curl up on your favourite Muskoka chair and breathe in that fresh summer air.

Shoes, Ron White Shoes | Coffee, Timothy’s Espresso Bar


Summer Wedding

Summer is peak wedding season, so whether you’re a guest, a member of the bridal party, the mother of the bride or the bride herself, get yourself wedding-ready right here. Haartek is the perfect place for your wedding up-do and manicure on the day-of, and this bracelet and earring set from Birks is sure to be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding attire.

Bracelet & Earrings, Birks | Hairspray, Haartek


Patio Night

Manulife Centre is home to one of the most incredible patios in the city, so be sure to make the most out of Toronto’s warm summer evenings with a patio night at The One Eighty. Add a pop of colour to your look with this summery cross body bag from Decatarina Leather that’s big enough for your phone and an array of summer evening essentials. Pair your bag with a beautiful silk scarf from Petra Karthaus. Not only will it look great tied in a bow on the strap of your bag, but it’s also the perfect wrap for your shoulders when that summer breeze makes its appearance after dark.

Purse, DeCatarina Leather | Silk Scarf, Petra Karthaus | 51st Floor Patio, The One Eighty


Lemonade Stand

Looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your kids this summer? Why not give the classic lemonade stand a try. Pick up a bushel of lemons at Bloor Street Market and swing by Indigo for this picture-perfect pitcher that will make the perfect serving vessel for your kids first entrepreneurial venture. Pick up a couple of matching glasses while your there, because you’ll definitely use this pitcher for other more adult beverages throughout the summer. Sangria? Pimm’s? The options are endless.

Lemons, Bloor Street Market | Pitcher & Glasses, Indigo

City Cycle

One great way to enjoy a summer day in Toronto is to go for a city cycle through high park, along the waterfront or to the Island! If you do, be sure to bring a practical bag, like this Herschel backpack from Bonny Satchels & Duffles, along with a stylish and protective pair of sunglasses from Toronto Eye Care. In your bag bring plenty of water and pick up an energy bar from GNC to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Backpack, Bonny Satchels & Duffles | Sunglasses, Toronto Eye Care | Protein Bar, GNC


Al Fresco Picnic

It’s not really summer unless you’ve laid down a blanket in one of our city’s incredible green spaces and had a picnic. Create some Instagram-ready picnic vibes with this beautiful quilt from Nirvana Home Collection and ensure your picnic is eco-friendly by bringing your own cold beverage cup to Starbucks. Pick up some snacks and sunscreen at Rexall and you’re all set! Be sure to pick up any waste from your picnic and put it in the nearest bin – take only pictures and leave only footprints!

Quilt, Nirvana Home Collection | Resusable Cold Beverage Cup, Starbucks | Snacks & Sunscreen, Rexall


A Rainy Day Inside

Yes, summer is all about the sunshine, but Toronto is also known for its summer storms. So when it rains be sure to come to Manulife Centre for a fun afternoon. Start by taking advantage of our complimentary valet service and head straight to SCACCIA for a delicious Italian lunch with a cold glass of Brio on the side. Then head upstairs to Cineplex to take in a summer blockbuster. Don’t forget the popcorn and be sure to validate your parking on your way out. Cineplex customers get 4 hours parking for just $3!

Lunch & Brio, SCACCIA | Movie & Popcorn, Cineplex


Backyard BBQ

Nothing says “summer” more than a backyard BBQ. Set the tone with a portable, bluetooth-enabled Bose speaker from Bay Bloor Radio and ensure you and your guests don’t go thirsty with a great selection of craft beer from the LCBO. Combine these with some BBQ inspiration from the summer editi       on of Food & Drink magazine and you’ve got the recipe for a picture-perfect BBQ.

Speaker, Bay Bloor Radio | Craft Beer, LCBO 








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