Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is almost here and while some of us have had our plans sorted and gifts purchased for at least a week, many of us have only just clued in to the fact that today is, in fact, February 13th. With just one day to go, here are some of our best last-minute gift ideas that you can pick up right here at Manulife Centre, for everyone you love.

Timeless Classic

Want to go big this Valentine’s Day? Make your love swoon with a stunning piece from Birks. Jewelry is a Valentine’s Day go-to, but it needn’t have a heart pendant to say “I love you”. We are currently loving the Birks Gold & Pearl collection, which is a perfect pairing of classic elegance with modern styling. With it’s ability to go from daytime to evening seamlessly, we know this is a gift that would be cherished (and worn) forever.


Something to Savour

In love with a whisky lover? Treat them to a bottle of Bruichladdich scotch whisky that tastes as great as it will look on their bar cart. Described by the LCBO as “pale gold” in colour with floral, honey and dried fruit aromas, a palate of caramel, apricots and banana, and a light smokiness on the finish, The Classic Laddie has a little something for everyone. The unmistakable turquoise bottle and outer packaging makes it incredibly easy to find among the wide selection of whisky at the LCBO on our Concourse Level, making it the perfect last minute gift.

A Gift that Lasts

We don’t have a florist at Manulife Centre, but we do have the wonderfully stocked Bloorstreet Market where you can conveniently pick-up a selection of cut flowers and potted plants. Instead of a bouquet that won’t survive into March, why not pick up a beautiful potted orchid? Orchids are traditionally associated with love and admiration, not to mention that they can live for years or even decades! Just be sure to care for them and don’t panic when the flowers drop, as orchids have multiple blooming cycles.

In the [Girl] Gang
Looking for the perfect gift for your Galentine? Give her something that will fuel her self-expression like this amazing Feminist Icon Cross-stitch book. Cross-stitch and embroidery is having a bit of a moment right now, and we think this is the perfect empowering gift for any feminist. With this book, not only do they get to read about some incredible women in history, but they also get the gift of a cool new hobby! Pick up a copy from Indigo Bay Bloor and give this great gift with the request that they make you the one for your next birthday (because everyone needs an inspiring cross-stitch of Beyoncé on their desk to get them through the work day). It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


Sweet Nothings

What’s Valentine’s Day without candy? While chocolate is the more traditional option, when we think of Valentine’s Day we’re reminded of the candy hearts of our youth. So, give the gift of nostalgia this year with some sweet treats from Rexall Pharma Plus. For the full effect, we recommend pairing your candy gift with a novelty valentine – you know the kind. A simple gift like this one is sure to make the heart go all a-flutter!

No matter how (or to whom) you say “I love you” – from bling to blossoms and more – Manulife Centre has got you covered.

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The sonnet’s been written, the rose petals are ready to spread around the boudoir and the Marvin Gaye is primed on the record player. Now you just need to find the perfect gift to complete the magic. Fortunately, we’ve already done the scouting for you, along with extensive testing of a wide variety of champagne and chocolate. It hasn’t been easy, but what can we say we’d do anything for love. (more…)

The Story of the Right-Hand Diamond

We love browsing the diamond ring counter at Birks. The stones just call out, don’t they? “Look at me,” they say. “Look how pretty I am!” And we do.

There was a time not too long ago when diamond rings were falling out of fashion. In fact, the world’s biggest diamond manufacturer was looking at a major shortfall in sales. And the reason was so obvious: fewer people were getting married so men were buying fewer diamond rings.

They brought this dilemma to their advertising agency in New York City and asked them to solve it by getting more people to get married. After months of fruitless ideas, the agency was ready to throw in the towel. Nothing was working and the numbers continued to slide.

Then, at the fifty-ninth minute of the eleventh hour, a junior strategist (he may have even been an intern) at the agency had what the ad industry refers to as a “nugget”: the right-hand diamond  a ring women could give themselves from themselves.

Overnight, it went supernova.

Single women flocked to the jewellery store to find the stones of their dreams and wore them proudly on their right hands. And when they raised their fist in the air (literally or metaphorically) and asserted their independence, there was a big ol’ rock on the end of it. Boom.

Best of all, when women compared their rocks with each other, they did it in a healthy way  no feigned excitement from the girl who doesn’t think her time will come. Everyone was happy for everyone else.

Today, right-hand diamond rings have their own style: many incorporate a birthstone as part of their designs, and the diamonds themselves are often tinted. Engagement rights can have clarity  it’s all about the funky on the right side.

Check out the right-hand diamond selection at Birks, accessible from the concourse level.