Two friends at the movies eating popcorn

The Best Cure for January Blahs

When all we want to do is forget about how dark and gloomy and awful it is outside, we go to the movies.

Think about it: comfortable chair, popcorn, maybe some chocolate and a few hours completely immersed in someone else’s world.

And January just fades away.



This Month at The Varsity

Music, Dancing and Ryan Gosling: La La Land’s getting all kinds of buzz for its performances and its bravery. Musicals are tough to pull off, and really tough to pull off uniquely. This one nails it. This is Damien Chazelle’s first film since Whiplash — and he was wise enough to recast J.K. Simmons. We love him.

Unsung Heroines: Hidden Figures is the story of the women behind NASA’s first mission to space. Science nerds love the attention to realism. Movie buffs love the actresses, especially Octavia Jackson. And look for The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons.

Younger Brother Makes Good: Casey Affleck was the kid at the end of Good Will Hunting who gets into the front seat of the beater car after Matt Damon goes to see about a girl. In real life, Ben Affleck’s younger brother gets into the front seat with Manchester By the Sea, the story of an uncle forced to become his nephew’s guardian.

Scorsese: In Silence Adam Driver (a.k.a., Kylo Ren from Star Wars) and Andrew Garfield (a.k.a., Spiderman) play Jesuit priests looking for their teacher in 17th-century Japan. This 1966 novel by the Japanese author Shusaku Endo has been on the top of Scorsese’s list to make into a move for decades.


Don’t let our upcoming construction keep you from enjoying a flick at what’s been Toronto’s best movie theatre for over three decades — even better since it was renovated. And if you’re driving here, don’t forget to validate your parking on the way out of our warm, well-lit and perfectly pleasant underground parking lot.

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